Hedgehog Litter Box – unfortunately not every hedgehog is litter trained and due to their - I like to call it grumpy personalities - they may not agree with litter box idea and they could use it for various purposes. However, I managed to train George and he did use litter box (until he decided to go in the wheel).

I find it particularly helpful for growing hedgehogs that are not allowed wheels yet, they will learn to toilet in one place and as George when wheel finally arrived he adopted it as a toilet and he only goes behind a wheel where his litter box used to be. This litter box can also be used for sand baths or forage play afterwards. 

This litter box was designed for African Pygmy Hedgehogs:

  • Tested on APH and they are happy with it

  • Its size is relevant to most hedgie sizes 26x16x14 cm

  • It’s easy to keep clean and its content inside the box

  • Lid will mitigate smell

  • Safe edges – safe and happy hedgehog

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Litter Box for Hedgehogs

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